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Crunchy Cheezy Chicken in Low Carb Protein Tortillas

Crunchy Cheezy Chicken in Low Carb Protein Tortillas

A virtually carbless crunchy sensation, full of goodness and more or less low cal! Get this: if you roll your (cooked) chicken or turkey in a bowl containing: nutritional yeast, golden linseeds, extra virgin olive oil, soy sauce you will find yourself facing a delicious crunchy ‘cheezy’ chicken or turkey.

It’s true. Could NOT be any simpler and its delicious! and the crunch – the CRUNCH!

Crepe Ingredients:

125g liquid egg whites
9g creamed coconut
13g psyllium


10g nutritional yeast
5g linseeds
soy sauce
10g extra virgin olive oil


1. Here, I filled a low-carb psyllium crepe which really is just egg white with psyllium husks (which have not made enough guest appearances – this must (and will) be changed) and a bit of pure creamed coconut.

2. The ‘trick’ when you make these is to have your non-stick HOT (and make sure it IS nonstickish enough, if not, add some PAM, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, whatever you fancy to non-stick your non-stick with) and to grab your egg/psyllium/coconut mixture with a spoon, spoon it in the middle of the pan and then with the spoon spread it around in a circle as it cooks (this ensure it’s nice and flat).

3. Then, its really easy to flip. The amounts and so on totally depend on what you add in the crepes. Makes 3 crepes.

4. As for the ‘cheezy crunch’ we used 10g of nutritional yeast, 5g of linseeds, a dash of soy sauce (light) and 10g of extra virgin olive oil

Macros per Serving (out of 3) for crepes:

13.2g protein
13.2g carbo (11.8g fiber)
2.2g fat

For crunch:

5.7g protein
5.5g carbo (3.4g fiber)
11.7g fat

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5 Replies to “Crunchy Cheezy Chicken in Low Carb Protein Tortillas”

  1. somehow I don’t have any luck cooking with psyllium… the end product ALWAYS taste weirdly rubery or gel like and it’s too moist. do you know what could be the reason?

    btw love your blog!!!


  2. really???? well, it DOES get rubbery and gel like if you cook it like in a porridge or pudding? nasty – not recommended, it just turns into a gelatinous gooey bla thing BUT when you mix it with whites and you spoon it on a nonstick, its goey when you spread it on the pan BUT as you spread it and it cooks, gone is the gooeyness and you end up with a crepe that’s still kinda rubbery but nice rubbery hehe do i make any sense? 😛 try the above and you’ll see what i mean 🙂