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  • Recovery: Building Your House

    By GraemeKerr | 29 Jun 2015

    There is a saying that some of you may or may not have heard, "You don't grow in the gym", although training knowledge is now becoming more readily shared amongst everyone via the internet and social media, people often don't understand this. Many people...

  • Beginners' Guide to Lifting: Ladies

    By MrProvis | 19 Aug 2014

    In my extensive forum activity, I am frequently met with the situation of a woman looking to get lean. She already has a great diet set up, and does regular cardio, and has also been convinced (not entirely by my own rhetoric) of the value of lifting...

  • Choosing Your Weight Gainer

    By Andrew Whitley | 26 Mar 2014

    When starting out or when getting serious, your nutritional intake counts heavily. We are faced with a calorie surplus figure. The idea of a weight gainer shake is to efficiently up your calorie intake with quality nutrients, so that you can easily reach...

  • Vanilla Cheesecake Strawberries

    By Will Dyson | 03 Feb 2014

    Simple, juicy little treats ideal for a postworkout meal! High protein, moderate carbs, low fat these are sure to distract you from thinking about your next cheat meal! After tasting the Vanilla Creme flavour of the Whey Concentrate I knew it was destined...