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Forum posts


  • Broscience Drives Research!

    By ScottEdmed | 11 Dec 2014

    If you have ever studied science, read a training manual, or have been involved in the fitness industry, you have probably heard the concept of being "evidence based."

    Evidence based is defined as applying the best available research results (evidence...

  • 12 Days Of Christmas (Keeping On Track!)

    By ScottEdmed | 06 Dec 2014

    On The 1st Day Of Christmas - Short bursts of Intensity! So, you've got your family coming round for the day and you're going out with work friends for Christmas drinks...


  • Winter Spiced Protein Apple Crumble

    By Will Dyson | 04 Nov 2014

    First recipe/article for ages as I've been so busy with business and my degree but finally started to narrow things down and focus a little more on the food side as it's been a big part of my life I've been missing out on! So here we have a pretty awesome...

  • Five Supplements to Fight the Festive Excess

    By TPW Ninja | 16 Dec 2013

    Another year has almost been and gone - and now once again we're on the verge of the festive onslaught! While you can sweat out a cheat day (and they can even be beneficial) - a whole Christmas holiday is a very different proposition. It's said that on...