Whilst most gym-goers will be accustomed to the likes of whey protein and milk protein, many are unlikely to have supplemented of Brown Rice Protein. Whilst still relatively unknown, Brown Rice Protein is becoming an increasingly popular supplement for anyone looking to avoid dairy sources due to intolerances or simply take advantage of a nutrient packed alternative to soy protein. There are a number of reasons as to why Brown Rice Protein is currently growing in popularity;

Brown Rice Protein is Gluten & Dairy Free

Gluten and dairy intolerances are one of the common issues to consider when choosing your protein supplement. This makes Brown Rice Protein ideal as it does not contain either gluten or dairy. This makes Brown Rice Protein ideal for those people who suffer with food allergies, or simply looking to avoid dairy or gluten due to dietary preferences.

Brown Rice Protein is High in Fibre

Brown Rice Protein is naturally loaded with high levels of fibre. As fibre is an essential element in the digestive process, this makes Brown Rice Protein an excellent supplement for those looking to maintain a healthy gut. Fibre also plays an important role in blood sugar control and appetite regulation, which can be useful for anyone trying to control or lower their body fat.

Brown Rice Protein Contains High Levels of Certain B Vitamins

Unlike some other protein supplements, Brown Rice Protein contains high levels of certain B vitamins.Vitamin B is needed for a number of key functions within the body and support a vast number of biochemical processes with everything from energy production, the maintenance of healthy red blood cell and finally optimal brain and nervous system function.

Brown Rice Protein Contains the 9 Essential Amino Acids

Unlike some other proteins, Brown Rice Protein contains all 9 of the essential amino acids. This means that Brown Rice Protein can be considered a complete protein source. It is essential to consume protein sources such as Brown Rice Protein to ensure sufficient intake of each of the essential amino acids to support the body.



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