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White & Dark Chocolate Protein Flancake: A Love Story

White & Dark Chocolate Protein Flancake: A Love Story

I wasn’t planning on making a video about this protein flancake but, as I clicked “New Post” to begin writing, I noticed that my head was held hostage by Where do I Begin (the song’s love subject being, of course, Chocolate) so a video it was to be. This recipe pays tribute to one of the great flavor unions: that between Dark and White Chocolate: “two flavors, both alike in dignity,” to mis/quote nuestro hermano Shakeaspeare 😉 Let me begin by giving you the flan recipe:


For the white chocolate flan:
1 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup white chocolate whey protein powder
1/2 sachet powdered gelatin (about 11g)

For the dark chocolate protein cake:
1 tablespoon chocolate vegan protein powder (or chocolate casein)
1 teaspoon fitness fiber (or psyllium or coconut flour or none)
1 baby banana
1 cup cooked adzuki beans (or black beans)
1/4 cup brown rice protein powder (or, again, chocolate casein)
1/4 cup millet flakes (or instant oats)
2 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 cup coconut milk or (hemp, almond, cow’s, goat’s)
1/2 cup liquid egg whites


For the white chocolate flan:
1. Heat up the milk and, when it gets hot, remove it from the heat. You don’t want the milk to boil, you want it to be at a temperate that you can stick your (clean) finger in there without breaking into a raging bout of swearing.

2. Just add the gelatine and protein to the milk and whisk whisk whisk whisk until there are no lumps in it.

3. Stick it in the fridge overnight.

For the dark chocolate protein cake:
Blend ingredients together and bake for about 20 minutes at 170 C (338 F) in whatever baking mould you want (I divided the mixture into a mini silicone bread loaf and a chocolate silicone tray).

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

26g carbohydrates (4.2g sugars/7g fiber)
47g protein
7g fat (2.8g sat)


The mixture above is enough for two silicone bread loafs or one regular brownie tray; you can, however, use a cake mould or even muffin cases! seriously, bake it in whatever you want, just watch it so you take it out of the over as soon as it’s all cooked):

When it was ready (i.e., when I stabbed it and my chopstick came out clean), I took the cake out, let it cool, and cut it horizontally in half. Then, I took the flan out of the fridge and turned it upside down onto a plate. I was going to sandwich the flan but then I realized that, structurally speaking, that wouldn’t make sense since the flan is softer than the cake and the whole thing would just end up collapsing  into a mush of WTF which we don’t want. To therefore proceed with this change of plans, I ate the top and left the bottom as a bed to the flan. Finally, I just covered the whole thing in organic 100% cocoa powder.

Oh, Mount Olympus! This was delicious. The light and custardy melt-in-your-mouth consistency of the undeniably white chocolatey flan with the moist and rich dark chocolate cake? Well, fuffff, it was magical, it was chocolate surreality on a plate!


PS – My next post is going to be about what I did with half of the cake batter above: mini muffins. This won’t be a love story, I warn you, more like a thriller 😉 Be excited 😉

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