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Vegan Protein Dessert Pizza From @balancednotclean

Vegan Protein Dessert Pizza From @balancednotclean

Dessert pizzas are a sweet twist upon the classic combination of pizza dough, tomato sauce and cheese. Some may keep the traditional dough base and opt for chocolate sauce and sweet toppings, and others may just use ‘pizza’ in the name due to the circular shape and layering of delicious ingredients. @Balancednotclean has created this microwavable, vegan masterpiece that won’t break the macro bank!

Unfortunately for us food and fitness lovers everywhere, dessert and regular pizzas too often may not be the best fuel for our performance and or aesthetic related goals. This recipe instead focusses on being a single serving, tasty treat comprised from wholesome ingredients and a good balance of protein and carbohydrates. The oaty base gives it a chewy, doughy feel without making the pizza base soggy. A thin layer of a ‘sauce’ of your choice (yogurt, peanut butter, chocolate flavoured ‘sauce’) and some crunchy granola finish off the recipe to make it an authentic pizza style dessert.


Using vegan protein powder and yogurt also works well texturally and to make this recipe inclusive to those with vegan diets. If you use gluten free oats, you can also make this recipe suitable for those with gluten free diets. Truly – it’s a recipe I’m very proud of, and it was well worth the time it took to experiment with it to make it perfect!



  • 25g oats
  • 25g zero or very low calorie granulated sweetener (I use Sukrin Gold, which is a 1:1 replacement of sugar. If using stevia, use 12.5g as it is twice the volume of normal sweeteners)
  • 25g TPW Vanilla Vegan Protein
  • 35g vegan greek style strained yogurt (e.g. Alpro’s new ‘Go On’ range)
  • 65g cooked and blended sweet potato (baby food aisle will help with this!)
  • You can also put some salted caramel flavouring in the base for an extra ‘kick’ of flavour.


There are several variations of this you could try. You only need a little, so experiment with mixing a few grams of powdered peanut butter with vanilla protein and yogurt, for example. Or, try mixing cacao powder, sweetener and milk. For a fail-safe, light topping, sweeten some yogurt and spread it over the top of the base once it is cooled.


Extra toppings:

Anything you like really – although I recommend something crunchy or hard like granola to keep the texture of the pizza interesting.



1)      Mix together all of the base ingredients into a smooth paste.

2)      Fold a piece of baking parchment so it is approximately a 15x15cm square (or slightly larger). Make sure the ‘non-stick’ side is facing upwards.

3)      Place the base paste onto the baking parchment.

4)      Smooth into a circle, approximately ¼ to ½ an inch thick. Make the edges slightly thicker so you have a ‘crust’.

5)      Microwave the base for 3 minutes (850W).

6)      Leave the base in the microwave to cool and finalise cooking for approximately 10-15 minutes.

7)      Meanwhile, make a topping you can put on the pizza. Get your other toppings ready too. You can also wash up anything you used to mix up the base as well. Get yourself a coffee going. Take a breather!

8)      Once the base has had time to cool down and fully solidify, carefully turn over the baking parchment so you are holding the base on top of your hand. From this position, you can slowly peel off the baking parchment, releasing the pizza base.

9)      Place the pizza base onto a plate (flip it so it is the right side up again).

10)   Spread the ‘sauce’ on top of the pizza base.

11)   Sprinkle additional toppings, such as granola, onto the pizza.

12)   Slice into six slices.

13)   Enjoy!


Pizza base by itself:

Calories: 245

Protein: 26g

Carbs: 27g (+3g fibre)

Fat: 4g


Pizza base with 5g powdered peanut butter, 20g yogurt and 5g sweetener for sauce and 10g granola for crunch:

Calories: 326

Protein: 31g

Carbs: 35g

Fat: 7g (+5g fibre)

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