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Using Green Tea For Cutting

Using Green Tea For Cutting

Green Tea can be a key supplement when looking to slim down after a heavy bulking phase. It can sometimes be hard to lose the last few pounds of fat and so the metabolism boosting powers of Green Tea can help to make all the difference. Taking Green Tea regularly may also help you to maintain a great physique for longer as it will help to keep off the weight.

How does Green Tea support fat loss?

Green Tea can help provide a powerful boost for your metabolism. In doing so, Green Tea helps you to burn off extra calories without even stepping up your activity levels and “moving more”. This increased resting metabolic rate can see you burn over 100 extra calories a day which can be key when trying to lose the last few pounds of stubborn fat or cutting to weight limits.

Green Tea also helps the body train harder and for longer. As Green Tea boosts metabolic rate it allows the body to burn calories for fuel more efficiently thereby reducing the build-up of lactic acid which can reduce training intensity. Green Tea also helps to hydrate the body which is essential when training hard.

Green Tea has also been shown to contain EGCG. Not only does this mean Green Tea boosts metabolism but it can also aid endurance. EGCG which is contained in Green Tea has been shown to help improve your VO2 max which will aid prolonged exercise such as distance runs.

Green Tea: An ideal Drink Alternative

Whilst many people believe diet drinks are an effective alternative to sugary sodas they can still be harmful. The sweeteners in them can have a similar effect to normal sugary drinks and may therefore impede weight loss. Instead replace a can of Coke with a cup of Green Tea to not only hydrate but aid weight loss.

Green Tea can also aid cognitive performance. This makes Green Tea an excellent aid for boosting your performance in both the gym and the office.

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