Weather forecasts are predicting one of the coldest winters for 50 years in the UK. With temperatures dropping to sub-zero it is expected to be a ‘white winter’, which can be an absolute nightmare for the outdoor runner.

The temptation to retreat indoors to the warm gym treadmill is going to soar, but for many, the monotony of this can cause a huge decrease in motivation. Luckily, we have got 6 tips to ensure you stay motivated and fit throughout the bitterly cold upcoming months.

Book onto a Spring/Summer race in 2016

Whether this be a Marathon, a charity 5k or an Obstacle race, if you get one booked now, it will give you something to aim for during the winter months. This will ensure that you stay commited and more importantly motivated to get out there in the cold and maintain your fitness levels.

Dress appropriately

It is very tempting to wrap up in a thick coat, however this can be a terrible idea. If you overheat, you can become dehydrated and dizzy, meaning your run will be a complete failure.  You should still feel the chill when you step outside, however you will quickly raise your temparature after your warm-up. Wear a hat and a pair of gloves, but certainly not thick wool.

Take it easy

It is likely that you’ve just got off the back of a gruelling summer workout plan based around achieving that ‘shredded’ beach look. You now need to rebuild that passion for training and running, so begin nice and easy and build yourself back up again.

Longer warm-ups

This is very important in the winter. Your muscles will be stiff due to the coldness, leaving you prone to muscle tears and other injuries. This again ties in with the ‘take it easy’ principle, so start your warm-up very slowly and apply it for a longer duration. Just go for a very light jog, then stretch thoroughly prior to your normal-paced run.

Invest in a new pair of running trainers

Your old running trainers have taken a hammering all summer long and the traction on them will be wearing thin. With the ‘white winter’ comes black ice and believe me, you will look like Bambi on ice if you don’t get a pair with thicker traction.

Be alert!

Turn your music down a few notches and stop day dreaming, you need to focus and control your running step. This not only helps to prevent you slipping, it also reduces your risk of injury from over extending.



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