Whilst some peoples standard diet will be adequate for distance running, many people may require additional supplementation in order to ensure that they are performing at their optimal level. Supplements can help provide additional energy sources for runners whilst also aiding recovery after long distance runs. The below supplements are ideal for those people regularly involved in distance running.

Super Grains

Super Grains are a superior carbohydrate source and are therefore ideal for helping fuel your muscles for a long-distance run. Super Grains have also been shown to boost your immune system whilst also aiding fat loss which is ideal for runners.

Super Greens

Intense physical exercise can often leave the body’s immune system weakened and therefore an individual more susceptible to falling ill. Super Greens would therefore be ideal for ensuring the body’s nutrients are adequately restored and therefore an athlete can continue performing.

Carb Extreme

Carb Extreme is ideal for long-distance endurance athletes such as marathon runners. Carb Extreme allows you to load carbohydrates before an endurance event thereby ensuring your body has adequate energy reserves in order to compete to the best of your abilities.

Performance Multi-Vitamin tablet

Performance vitamins are ideal when taken alongside a product like super greens. This is because Performance Vitamins help keep the body’s immune system functioning properly, even during intense training. Performance vitamins are therefore ideal for ensuring you don’t miss any training due to illness.

Protein Porridge

Protein Porridge is ideal for anyone competing in or training for endurance events. Protein Porridge not only provides your body with a good carbohydrate source to keep you fuelled during physical activity but also provides a good source of protein to help aid the growth and repair of muscles damaged during runs. Protein porridge is also a convenient breakfast option that’s quick to prepare and ideal to get you going on cold winter mornings.



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