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Reasons To Consume Green Tea

Reasons To Consume Green Tea

Drinking Green Tea or taking a Green Tea supplement can have many health benefits. Whilst some of the benefits of Green Tea are widely known, others aren’t as widely reported. Here are 10 reasons why consuming Green Tea is a benefit;

Reasons to Consume Green TeaGreen Tea Helps You Sleep

Green Tea is a great natural sleep aid. As sleep is an important factor in building muscle, consuming Green Tea can be of utmost importance. Green Tea can help to relax the mind and body to help give you a good night’s sleep.

Green Tea Calms Nerves

Consuming Green Tea has been shown to help calm nerves and lift your mood. Make sure you take a Green Tea supplement to help you relax.

Green Tea Prevents Cancer

Green Tea is packed full of powerful antioxidants. The antioxidants in Green Tea have been shown to help prevent cellular damage which can cause cancer. Green Tea helps to fight off this cellular damage and reduce your risk of developing cancer.

Green Tea Boosts Your Metabolism

The caffeine content in Green Tea has been shown to help speed up your metabolic rate and reduce fat absorption. This makes Green Tea an excellent supplement when looking to reduce body fat and gain muscle.

Green Tea Improves Cognitive Function

Green Tea is believed to help improve mental ability. This makes Green Tea an ideal beverage after a long day at work or hard sessions in the gym.

Green Tea Hydrates

Hydration is key when exercising and trying to build lean muscle. Green Tea helps hydrate the body and avoid hunger pangs brought on by dehydration.

Green Tea Aids Digestion

Green Tea can aid your body’s natural digestive enzymes and help break down the food we consumed. This is particularly important if you are consuming large quantities of protein.

Green Tea Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have suggested that Green Tea may help reduce blood sugar levels in humans. In reducing blood sugar levels Green Tea helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Green Tea Boosts the Immune System

Any kind of infection or virus can greatly reduce your ability to train at maximum capacity. Green Tea has however been shown to strengthen the immune system and thereby fight off bugs.

Green Tea Aids Meditation

Ok – it may not be key in most peoples training schedule but Green Tea has also been shown to enhance meditation

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