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Protein “Ferrero Rocher” Chocolates (Gluten-Free)


Hola! If you have any down time this holiday weekend, you know, time where you’re chilling at home without much to do, or time where you’re feeling like making some delicious and pretty healthy treats in the kitchen, I recommend you try this recipe!

unnamedIt’s a healthy twist on Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (you know, the really indulgent halzenut-themed chocolates that everyone loves???) I was going to call mine Procherro Powcher but come on, how buffoonish would THAT have been!? I probably would have lost a big chunk of readers after publishing a name as absurd as that, hehe.

Anyways, my plan was simple, or at least it looked simple. My plan was to make a delicious dark chocolate, lower-calorie, protein version of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. No sugar added. Using 90% dark chocolate. And protein 😉 My basic blueprint was this:protein-ferrero-rocher-recipe

Now, if you’ve eaten Ferrero Rocher chocolates in the past, you probably know that their secret is that creamy middle that’s hugged by a crunchy layer that lies right beneath a chocolate shell exterior.  It’s amazing stuff! So the first thing I needed to do was make sure I got the taste right.

This is what I did to make my creamy middle. I blended:

3 big juicy medjool dates
1/4 cup (24g) of whey
1/2 tbsp of cocoa
1 tbsp of almond milk

I blended it all in a small food processor. That created a sticky paste, or dough, which I then coated my raw hazelnuts with (see video below).

After I had enveloped my hazelnuts with my chocolatey protein ‘dough’, I turned to tackle the shell. As soon as I opened my cupboards to figure out what to make the shell with, I kind of started kicking myself (figuratively speaking) because ah! You know what would have been GREAT for the ‘crunchy’ shell? Whey crisps! Whey crisps would have been awesome too because, unlike rice crisps, they don’t get soggy when you combine them with wet ingredients. AND they would have added extra protein. They’re almost exactly what you need to create the shell. But… I didn’t have them so I turned to the next best thing: coconut. I rolled each ‘ball’ with coconut and then combined the coconut with my melted dark chocolate and some ground hazelnuts for the shell exterior (this sounds confusing but watch the video). Finally, I put all the little chocolates in the fridge for a couple of hours and…


I wish you could reach right in and grab one to see what I mean: beautifully crunchy, hazelnutty, and chocolatey. A lovely treat to share! Or eat all of, hehe 😉

You can see a video of the entire process below! The whole thing was SO easy to make and I give the chocolates a 100% in terms of taste and eating-experience.

Protein Ferrero Rocher Recipe

In terms of Rocherness though, i.e. similarity to Ferrero Rocher chocolates? Hm… I give them maybe… 60%? Just because the middle bit needed more chocolatey thickness (next time I am going to add more cocoa to the middle bit + a bit of melted cocoa butter or some actual melted dark chocolate) and the under-shell SHOULD have featured some whey crisps instead of coconut so as to not have any coconut distracting from the main two actors in the world of Ferreros: chocolate and hazelnuts.

In any case, I strongly recommend you give this recipe a go! In this form or with any other twists. They’re gorgeous little chocolate crunchy protein treats.

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