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Protein Waffles, Two Ways!

When I lived in Chicago I used to eat a LOT of waffles – the kind you get at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and pop in the toaster for a few minutes before drowning in maple syrup (nom nommm nommmm!) When I moved to the UK though…. I stopped eating waffles (cue in THIS song). You see, frozen waffles (the nice organic wholewheat, buckwheat, gluten-free, and/or flaxseed kind) are hard if not impossible to find here so… I gave up on them. No more waffles for me… I bid waffles farewell; I waved my handkerchief goodbye (turn up the volume of the song). For ages, I actually have had ‘Waffle Machine’ in my list of ‘Things to Get.’ I would always add things to this list and, glancing up at Item Number Four (‘Waffle Machine’), I’d sigh as I remembered walking down the frozen-food-aisle and stopping at the waffle section and spend too long trying to decide which kind to get. You may be wondering, “if waffles mean so much to you, woman, why did you give up on them instead of just buying the waffle maker?” Well… mostly because I didn’t want to end up stuck with a mediocre machine that would make my batter stick and give me nightmares (the kind where I’m scrubbing and scrubbing and the nonstick coating comes off and my waffles are nasty and the machine is ruined and I end up screaming NOOOOOOO!)

Enter my friend  Harry. Harry’s the one who pushed me to finally get a waffle machine. Specifically, he urged me to get THIS gorgeous belgian waffle maker. I saw it, noticed that it was on sale, and BOOM! I ordered it.

So, today, after months and months of no waffles in my life, I heard a knock on the door and my heart started beating faster – it was the delivery man with my waffle machine. I signed for the package, brought it in, opened it, made a waffle batter, cooked it, placed my waffle on my plate, added some syrup and… the room faded against THIS song.

I’m flipping out. I’m really flipping out. Because this is revolutionary! Both sets of waffles – mine and Harry’s – were so delicious! I’m completely flipping out. My life (and this blog) has just gotten SO much sweeter! I mean, PROTEIN WAFFLES! It’s like a dream come true! Oh, oh, oh! I am going to fill this blog with waffles!

Ingredients for my Protein Pumpkin Waffles:

3/4 cup liquid egg whites
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup pumpkin pure
1/4 cup Sunwarrior Warrior Blend (Natural)
1 teaspoon toffee flavdrops


Blended together and waffled up.

Ingredients for Harry’s Whey Protein Cinnamon Roll Waffles:

1 large cooked sweet potato
1/2 cup liquid egg whites
1/4 cup oats
1/4 cup cinnamon roll peptide fusion


Blended together and waffled up!

Macros per Serving of my waffles:

17g carbs (8g sugars)
46g protein
6g fat

Macros per Serving of Harry’s:

53g carbs (20g sugars)
46g protein
2g fat

Right off the bat, you will notice that my waffle batter turned out considerably thicker than Harry’s. That’s because I used Sunwarrior which is essentially pea protein powder. Pea protein, unlike whey, tends to absorb a lot of liquid (much like casein). My batter is also thicker because I used coconut flour and coconut flour always thickens batters up considerably. Harry’s batter, on the other hand, is whey based and, for this reason, turned out a lot more liquidy. It also uses oats instead of coconut flour which contributes to its more pancakey-looking batter.
Harry’s waffles turned out thinner and crunchier than mine. Mine were just cakey – beautifully cakey, like french-toast-cakey.

Who’s ready for Protein Waffle Towers? For Protein Waffles Drowned in Fluff? For Chocolate Protein Waffles? For Protein Waffles topped with Protein Ice Cream? For Protein Waffle Sandwiches? AAAA! The possibilities!!!!!! THEYARE ENDLESS!!!!!!!!

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5 Replies to “Protein Waffles, Two Ways!”

  1. You can buy waffles (sweet) from the bread section in supermarkets here in UK, Kingsmill do them & also I think Warburtons.

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