Serves 4

Carbohydrates:  34g Per serving     Proteins:  9g Per serving     Fats: 10.4g per serving   Calories: 177 Per serving

200g Porridge Oats
80ml Milk
2 Bananas
3 Tbsp Peanut Butter
TPW Zero Syrup (I’d Use Maple Syrup)



1. Grab yourself a small pan and add in the oats, Peanut Butter and Milk. Bring to a simmer, and cook for 5 minutes
2. While that’s cooking, grab a grill pan or skillet and add in bananas and zero syrup. Carefully spoon the hot Syrup over the Bananas until they begin to caramelise.
3. When your porridge is not too hot, too cold, too runny or too thick then it’s ready! Chuck it all in a bowl and add your bananas on top.

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Infusing artisan techniques learnt from the best chefs around the globe, with cutting edge nutritional science, to create the very best recipes for you to try at home. TPW™ chef takes pride in every single flavourful creation. We had to keep their identity under wraps to save ‘bake off’ from stealing their ideas.

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