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Our Top 5 Easy Peasy Health Hacks

Our Top 5 Easy Peasy Health Hacks

Leading such hectic lifestyles means that many of us simply do not have the time to overhaul our diet and exercise regime. However, staying healthy doesn’t have to be time-consuming and even the busiest people among us can implement these simple hacks.

Small changes which can be made part of a daily routine are easier to maintain in the long run and making just a few tweaks can bring a whole host of health benefits!

1. Swap out sweets

Substituting sweets for healthy alternatives, such as berries, can help you hit your 5-a-day and curb any sugar cravings. Choosing a more nutritious option means increasing your vitamin intake and avoiding consumption of empty calories. It is recommended to hide any sweet treats inside cupboards to stop yourself being tempted to grab them for a quick snack.

2. Drink more water

The human body is made up of 60% water, so failing to stay hydrated can cause your energy levels to deplete and brain functioning to become impaired. It is important to get plenty of hydration throughout the day to offset the water lost from sweat and other bodily functions. Keeping a bottle of water with you all times ensures that it is readily available to sip on and helps you keep track of how much you are drinking.

3. Move more

Unfortunately, with more of us working from home and being sedentary for longer periods of time, we are collectively moving a lot less. Allow yourself time to stand up and stretch out those muscles by setting an alarm every couple of hours to remind yourself to move. Opting to take the stairs rather than the lift when you’re out and about is also a great lifestyle swap and healthy habit. This not only helps with circulation, but it is also a great glute workout if you’re able to take two at a time.

4. Digital detox

We’re all guilty of mindlessly scrolling on our phones in the evening, but it is important to take some time away from screens, especially before bedtime. Blue light can affect our ability to sleep, as it blocks the melatonin hormone which makes you feel drowsy. Choose a good old-fashioned book to unwind instead! Reading has been seen to reduce stress levels after just a few minutes, leaving you feeling calmer and more ready to hit the hay.

5. Laughter is the best medicine

Not only does laughter lighten the mood, but it also helps us bond with the people around us and strengthens our relationships. Physical tension and stress are relieved when we laugh due to endorphins being released which make us feel good. So, set aside some time to watch a funny movie or give your best friend a call for a quick giggle.

Take these one at a time and find out which ones work for you, keep it up and they will become habit before you know it!




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