Boxing is one of the most physical sports in the world. It requires strength, speed and endurance in order to perform effectively. It is therefore essential for boxers to get their nutrition spot on as without it they will struggle to compete to the best of their ability. Here are a number of sports nutrition supplements that can help aid a boxers performance.


A product like creatine monohydrate should be one of the first items on a boxers supplements list. Creatine has been shown to help aid performance in short, sharp bursts. This makes creatine ideal for a sport such as boxing where competitors are required to perform in bursts of action.

Whey Protein

Even in the lightest weight categories boxers are required to carry a certain amount of muscle mass in order to protect themselves and generate power. A good quality whey protein is therefore essential in order to build this muscle mass which is so essential to the sport.

Whilst boxers in the heavier weights categories may look to products like a mass gainer to help increase their size and strength, those in lighter categories have a number of other options. Diet whey or whey protein isolate both help to aid muscle building and recovery whilst keeping you lean so you can perform at your optimal level.


Dextrose is a high GI, fast absorbing carbohydrate which is ideal for adding to any post-workout shake. Dextrose can be used to help aid recovery after hard training sessions with it’s fast absorption rate ensuring your muscles are adequately re-fuelled after being broken down by intense physical exercise.


Boxers can benefit from a range of sports nutrition supplements with products like whey protein and creatine being particularly effective options. Additionally a good card source such as dextrose can help aid post-workout recovery by restoring your muscles energy stores.



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