When training for weight gain and muscular development, muscles require protein at every available opportunity of absorption. As the body can only ingest a limited amount of protein per meal it is important that the protein type taken reflects the needs of the body. Enter Milk Protein. Milk Protein is proven to be extremely effective when a prolonged release of protein is required and also in boosting the effects of Whey Protein.  This makes Milk Protein the ideal choice for a bedtime protein and during the day when there are prolonged periods between meals. Adding Milk Protein to a dietary strategy will decrease any periods the body could begin to break down muscle tissue.  Milk Protein is a strong anti-catabolic with several unique properties that make it an important part of any weight gaining diet.  In this article we look into how Milk Protein should be used to maximise the effectiveness of other supplements and to gain weight.

The Benefits of Milk Protein for Weight Gain

Many scientific studies have shown Milk Protein to digest slowly in the body, peaking at 3-4 hours and total absorption occurring at around 7 hours.  This is due to the high casein content of Milk Protein.  Milk Protein is formed from the purified constituent parts of filtered milk: Casein and Whey Protein at around 80% to 20% split.

One of the main benefits of Milk Protein is that it has naturally high glutamine content.  Of all the available protein types out there, the casein within Milk Protein contains the highest amounts glutamine.  This very useful amino acid can benefit bodybuilders and those looking to gain weight by helping preserve muscle mass and aiding immune system function.  Another significant benefit of Milk Protein is the sustained release and slower absorption that it provides.  Because casein protein digests over a period of hours rather than minutes (as with Whey Protein), it moves through the digestive tract far slower and it is thought the body can absorb and use the protein more effectively.

The Role of Milk Protein in Weight Gain

For a weight gain diet to be effective, every opportunity to get protein to the muscles needs to be utilised.  A growing body of research is proving that different protein supplements can be massively effective but only when used at their optimum times.  Whey Protein, often considered as the best protein out there due to its rapid absorption time, is flawed by this very property when protein is needed more gradually.  Milk Protein has no competition in this capacity.  Research has shown that the body has periods of increased metabolic activity and cellular repair at night, when asleep.  During this period there is an increased chance of the body breaking down muscle proteins if it doesn’t have any dietary protein available to use.  This is where Milk Protein is at its most effective.

Milk Protein (with its longer chains of amino acids) ensures a constant stream of useable protein for the body to repair from for up to 7 hours.  This property can also be taken advantage of during the day by adding Milk Protein to an in between meal snack.  Milk Protein is more involved in preventing muscle tissue breakdown than increasing protein synthesis.  Often overlooked in favour of trying to stimulate protein synthesis through training and supplementation, this is half of the battle when trying to weight gain.  If you can effectively minimise any potential catabolic factors whilst fuelling and stimulating protein synthesis, then you will see results.


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