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Microwave Protein Blondies From @balancednotclean

Brownies are typical in their oozy gooey rich chocolateyness. Blondies are their white chocolate cousin that are definite worth shouting about! Ashleigh Ponder aka @balancednotclean shares her latest AWESOME recipe with us…


In this recipe, protein is emphasised with a massive 16g protein per square at only 152 calories.


And – the recipe is cooked up in the microwave, keeps well and has an epic texture.



• 80g Whey 360 French Vanilla or Choc Marble Cheesecake

• 80g Reduced Fat Almond Flour (e.g. Sukrin)

• 80g White Chocolate Peanut Butter Luxe

• 130g Philadelphia Lightest cream cheese

• 130g Butterscotch or Golden Syrup Zero Calorie Syrup

• 70g banana puree (check the babyfood aisle for sachets of this)



1) Sift the whey and flour together in a medium sized bowl.


2) Mix together the peanut butter, cream cheese, zero syrup and banana puree until smooth in a large bowl.


3) Slowly add the dry powder to the wet ingredients, mixing it in as you go.


4) Once all of the ingredients are mixed together, you could mix in some chocolate chips as well if you like (adjust nutritional information accordingly – it may also take a tiny bit longer to cook).


5) Line a ceramic, microwave safe dish or bowl approx 15cm x 8-10cm (a slightly smaller one will make the blondies thicker) with baking parchment so you can easily lift out the baked goods once cooked. Make sure it isn’t foil lined – no metal is suitable for the microwave!


As for bowl material – using ceramic is important here as we are cooking them for a fairly long time (so some microwave safe plastics may be unsuitable; as they generally only work for 2 minutes or so), and ceramic cooks faster than plastic anyway.


6) Transfer the mixture into the lined dish, and flatten it out as best as you can (use slow, deliberate pushing motions with a large metal spoon as it is quite sticky).


7) Microwave (850W) for one minute, and then turn the container.


8) Microwave for a further 2 minutes, bringing current total cooking time up to 3 minutes.


If you have added chocolate chips/fudge chunks/dried fruit, an extra 1-2 minutes will be required.


And, if your microwave wattage is below 850W, you will need extra time to cook as well (pressing the top of the blondies should have a slight, springy firmness even if the centre is still gooey).


9) Cut into 8 slices while still in the container/bowl/box.


10) Allow to cool to room temperature completely (so they can firm up a little more). Tuck in!


Freeze any portions you do not want to eat today or tomorrow, simply by wrapping portions in cling film and then placing them in a freezer bag or container. Allow to thaw in the fridge.


I prefer the texture of these straight out of the fridge, but you can also eat them at room temperature (but not frozen – they’re hard!).


I’d definitely advise testing out the original recipe first – but then have fun and get creative with flavours.


Want to make a brownie instead of a white chocolate blondie? Swap the peanut butter for chocolate brownie peanut butter luxe, use chocolate protein powder, and dark chocolate zero syrup.


Pumpkin spice? Swap out the banana puree for pumpkin puree, use pumpkin spice peanut butter, and vanilla protein!

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