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Lazy Person’s Pasta

The title says it all
It’s a lazy person’s call.
It takes two minutes to make
And it’s good enough not great
The ‘recipe’ needs tweaking
So advice it’s madly seeking.
But it’s a lazy person’s plate
So maybe boring’s just it’s fate

Bla bla bla…OK, apologies. P

Poetry is not my forte 😉 So yeah what is this?



360 shirataki noodles
100g beef
caramelized onions
5g nutritional yeast
soy sauce
20g ricotta
5g pea protein powder 

1 tablespoon tomato puree

Macros per Serving: N/A

Looked like a beast’s dinner (360gs of the noodle stuff – it’s a LOT) on a plate but with these guys, it’s all appearance. Filling? Oui. Satisfying? Sure. Protein packed? Defo. Delicious? Yehaaaaw!

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