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Is It ‘Extreme’ To Be Vegan? | Just Do More Podcast

Is It ‘Extreme’ To Be Vegan? | Just Do More Podcast

According to, over 4% of the UK population will be vegan by the end of 2020, with over 22% being meat free.

With plant based diets becoming more researched, affordable and varied the rise in interest levels is growing as a green shift is prepared.

Just Do More hosts Chris Ridgway and Tom Trotter welcome plant based TV host Layla Anna Lee to the show to speak about her diet choices, and the pros and cons of being a fully fledged vegan.

As a leader in the field of vegan and plant based protein, The Protein Works product range consists of the game changing Vegan Wondershake, Superfood Bites and Vegan Extreme Protein Powder amongst many others.

The Just Do More podcast is available for free on iTunes, Spotify and all good podcast vendors.

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