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How To Get A Sixpack

Whether you are a competitive bodybuilder, athlete or just a weekend warrior we all pursue the ‘six pack’. The question is why? What is it about the ‘six pack’ that we admire so much? Is it because it looks good? Shows athleticism? Whatever the reason just through a little bit of hard work you can get the look your after.

Whether you are a competitive bodybuilder, athlete or weekend warrior we all pursue the elusive six-pack. After all, a defined six-pack is the recognition that all those hours in the gym and eating clean are paying off. But how do you get a six-pack? Whatever the reason, through a little bit of hard work, a six-pack is in reach. Read on for the ultimate TPW™ guide on how to get a six pack.


It is often said that six-packs are made in the kitchen. After all, it’s no good slaving away in the gym if a poor diet is holding you back and keeping the elusive six-pack abs hidden under a layer of fat.

When planning your diet to get a six pack, the key thing is to eat ‘clean’. This involves manipulating your diet and fine tuning depending on the individual.

Whilst dieting to get a six-pack, keep protein intake high so that your body has plenty of nutrients to work with to sculpt that six-pack from. Avoid processed snacks and instead, try snacking on nuts and seeds.

But remember this – your abs are determined slightly by genetics – but also primarily by your bodyfat %.


To achieve a six-pack and reveal your abs, you will most likely need to “cut” somewhat to achieve a level of body fat% to make your abs visible.

We have a great article on The Best Diet To Lose Weight which goes hand in hand with losing that body fat and expose those abs.

Now it’s not just bodyfat – working your core and abs will help them pop – and increase the visibility of your abs.



To get a six-pack, variety in your training is key. Varying your exercises will keep your muscles stimulated so make sure you include a mix of cardio work and direct abdominal training in your plan. Running and cycling are both great ways of burning fat and lowering your body fat to allow your six-pack abs to become visible. Next, train your abdominal muscles directly. Train with moderate weight through a variety of exercises and the bigger the abdominal muscles the more it will show when body fat is low. Here’s our guide to the top exercises to get a six pack:

  • Cardio – Semi-fasted and High Intensity Interval Training both research backed to help you burn fat
  • ‘The Plank’ – Classic core stability achieves around 20% greater abdominal activation than the standard crunch
  • Crunches – The classic ‘sit-up’ variation move for targeting your upper abs should be a training routine staple
  • Overhead Squats – Compound exercise with a high metabolic output and calorie burning ability
  • Basket Hand – beating conventional sit-up in terms of muscle activation

Then we have the

how to get a six-pack

how to get a six pack


The Sixpack Solution

So to achieve a ‘six pack’, you have to do a combination of the above. What is the point of dieting down to a low body fat when you have no abdominals on show? Consequently, why train your abdominals in every session when your body fat is too high and you can’t see them anyway!
Building a six pack is not rocket science and if you really want to have them on show you have to put the work in through strength training and eating clean. The ‘six pack’ is made in both the kitchen and in the gym.


Best Supplements for a Six Pack

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