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20 Minute HIIT Blast Workout

20 Minute HIIT Blast Workout

Prime your body for the ultimate fat burn by mastering these high intensity moves. A HIIT based workout is a valuable addition to any gym regimen. Be assured any initial doubts about the intensity of a jump-based workout will be promptly drowned by the puddle of sweat that’ll surround your trainers! Whether an athlete, or starting your 2017 fitness journey this workout helps you train efficiently, and generates results in a limited period of time.

Round 1 (45 seconds each – max effort)
High knees on the spot

180 degree squat

Tuck jumps

Stationary squat – hold the position + slow up & down movements staying low

Repeat 2 more rounds

Rest: 60 seconds

Round 2 (30 seconds each – max effort)
Jumping lunges – alternate legs

Press-up burpee’s

Pistol squats

Repeat 2 more rounds

Rest: 60 seconds

Round 3 (30 seconds each – max effort)
Burpee tuck jumps

Mountain climbers – alternate legs

Squat jumps

Spiderman press-ups

Repeat 2 more rounds

Rest: 60 seconds

Round 4 (15 seconds each – max effort)
Complete all rounds 1, 2, 3 consecutively – no rest in between

Rest: 30 seconds

Cooldown (hold each stretch for 30 seconds)
Hydrate. Shake off.

Quadriceps stretch. Stand on one leg with your knees touching. Bring your leg up to you glutes, hold your ankle with your hand, whilst keeping your chest upright. Keep your knees together and hold.

Side lunge stretch. Lunge and place your hands on the bent leg, and hold for 30 seconds. Increase your stance to feel a deeper stretch.

Calf muscle stretch. Step forward keeping one leg straight. Place both hands on your quad on your bent leg, hold for 30 seconds and alternate.

Tricep stretch. Extend one arm down the centre of your back, place the other hand on your elbow. Exhale slowly, and hold.

Written by PTI Thompson


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