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How Much Hemp Protein Should I Consume?

Supplementing with hemp protein may be beneficial to a number of different population groups. But how much hemp protein should you take? The answer will often vary on a number of factors including diet, training levels and goals. To cover these points, below are a series of answers that should cover a range of different scenarios.

Hemp Protein Supplementation

Supplementing with hemp protein may be beneficial to a number of different population groups. Hemp protein is ideal for vegan/vegetarians, or those with dietary restrictions. Hemp protein is also ideal for those with increased protein demands due to training and activity levels.

A serving of Hemp Protein has around 15g of protein per serving. This may not be as much as other sources such as Whey Protein but is the other nutritional benefits should not be underestimated. For example, hemp protein also contains significant omega-3 and fibre content. Using Hemp protein 2-3 times daily between meals or in baking would increase protein intake by between 30-45g per day, as well as significantly increasing fibre consumption.

Based on a recommended daily allowance of around 0.8g per kg of bodyweight for sedentary individuals (rising to around 1.8g per kg for those who are training regularly), consuming hemp protein would be an effective way of supplementing dietary protein levels.

Hemp Protein dosage for Recovery

When looking to use Hemp Protein as part of a recovery strategy, 1 serving soon after training followed by a nutrient dense meal within 2-3 hours should help to reduce muscle breakdown and improve the rate of recovery.

Hemp Protein dosage for Bodybuilding

Hemp Protein is a slow release protein which would be beneficial to bodybuilders if taken pre-workout (around 60 mins before). Hemp protein can also be effective for bodybuilders for night time consumption as it will release slowly throughout the night. Waking to eat during the night clearly will disturb sleep patterns and may be counter-productive in the long term. Using a slow release protein source such as Hemp Protein would be a more sensible approach.

Hemp Protein Fibre content

Hemp protein is a very concentrated source of dietary fibre. Fibre is needed in the diet for the maintenance of bowel health, lowering cholesterol and helping to control blood sugar levels. However increasing your fibre intake significantly via hemp protein can have some rare side effects. These side effects can include bloating, gas and a loosening of bowel movements. That being said, hemp protein is generally thought to be a safe and effective addition to most diets.

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