Have I got “Workoutitus”?

Cough, cold, blocked up nose, protein shakes, real bodyache’s and flu.When the going gets tough and you are feeling less than 100% , should you really be throwing in the towel for a duvet day , I take a look at the low down of training when you are sick.

So , I’m not feeling good, but I’m a trouper, I stand up and get things done regardless , that goes hand in hand with my work, my life and my fitness , my training.

I am one of those life Spartans I don’t get sick AROO!. But , cough cough , I stood up this morning with a temperature and more sweat’s than an adidas track suit. Unable to move with all the agility and balance of a marshmallow man. What happens when you really are ill and your body is just not right and you know it. should you ignore the signs it gives you and carry on or should you take your training disappointment home & curl up like a bosu too sleep.

Personally I think everyone is different, we all have different tolerances & rates of perceived exertion ! . If you listen to that intuition , You are your best advisor on whether you are too sick or whether you are just trying to pull the wool over with that work out excuse.

But then we also have the science bit…

The general consensus in my training room has always been sick above the neck train, sick below the neck rest up.But how long for? Is this correct information and hell yeah , are there best ways of speeding up that recovery, as I’ve my gainz to think about! What’s the right advice?.

The common head cold

Anything above the neck and get those trainers on , it’s proven that a moderate workout can be beneficial to you and can even half your recovery time with the common cold. The secret is moderate and then to make sure you rest & stay hydrated. But let’s be sensible about this, if you really are totally blocked up with a head cold and feel lousy rest up!. remember exercise does lower your immune and In order to get rid of a cold your body needs to make up enough antibodies to fight the virus. which can take 3 to 4 days.

Surprisingly research has proven that damp cold or drafty weather does not increase your risk of catching a cold. Popular to general ideas vitamin c does not prevent a cold and antibiotics that fight bacteria are no help when you have a virus.The best and quickest way to recover is rest and the aid of over the counter medication to help relieve the symptoms whilst your body’s own immune system works hard to make you better.


Are you insane get back under the duvet ! Your Duvet day is here whether you want one or not.

You cannot sweat your way back into health . Work your duvet days like a trouper and you will be back on the deck for burpees more ready than an OCR at the Spartan Beast, training with flu leads to you needing longer recovery time , plus if you are actually capable of moving anywhere , you will pass it around to all your gym comrades , one time you should definitely not share the love !.

High Temperature

Stay at home, rest up!. Training with a high temperature or fever does not give any benefits. In actual fact you are causing more harm than good. This can lead to dehydration and even OMG heart failure. Exercise caution if your temperature reaches 101.4 degrees and above.

Stomach upset

A total no go. Stay in rest up, stay hydrated, the last thing you need is to be running anywhere but on the treadmill , plus the side effects of stomach upset are very unpleasant. Save that energy to smash your PB on the next workout.

The good news is also that regular and moderate exercise actually lowers the risk of respiratory infections these findings by the American College of Sports Medicine research , are consistent in all their research to date.

Fact – People who frequently exercise are reported to have less illness than their inactive peers. The ACSM conducted a study of 700 recreational runners of whom 61% reported fewer colds since starting their running.4% said they had experienced more colds.in another survey out of 170 runners who had been training for 12 years 90% reported they agreed definitely or mostly with the statement that they rarely get sick.

To test this belief scientifically two well controlled studies where conducted with elderly and young women.in both studies , women in the different exercise groups walked briskly for 35 to 45 minutes , 5 days a week for 12 to 15 weeks.

With the controlled group remaining inactive.

The results were in the same direction as the exercise enthusiasts research , it also showed that positive changes occur in the immune system during moderate exercise.although the immune system quickly returns to the pre exercise state. Each session represents a boost in the immune that appears to reduce the risk of infection over the long term .


C’mon guys you’re just not sick!, get those trainers on and work it out!.

So , the rules really are, listen to your body, get adequate rest, get proper sleep, ensure you are properly hydrated and eat good nutritious food.This will all enable you to get back on track with a real head start into pole position and beyond. Plus don’t just apply these rule when you are sick , when on track , keep exercise a main part of your lifestyle , it’s a good habit and one that will look after your immunity whilst keeping you healthy and strong. Health really is the new wealth!, so be in it for the long run and beyond!.

The End

By Lou O’Shea

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