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Green Tea And Muscle Recovery

Green Tea And Muscle Recovery

Taking Green Tea supplements has been shown to help improve performance in the gym, aid weight loss and improve cognitive performance. Green Tea is also full of powerful anti-oxidants which can help reduce the risk of cancer and cleanse the body. Many people however are not aware that taking Green Tea supplements can also aid the body in retaining muscle mass and recovery.

Green Tea for Hydration

Green Tea and Muscle RecoveryUnlike many other caffeine based products which can act as a diuretic, Green Tea actually helps to hydrate the body. As the body loses a great deal of moisture and electrolytes through sweat during intense exercise re-hydration is key. Enter Green Tea. As Green Tea is able to help the body retain the water consumed after training, it can greatly aid the recovery times after training.

Green Tea and Caffeine

The caffeine content in Green Tea has thermogenic properties which can help improve metabolic function, maintains muscle mass and fight fat tissue. Consuming both Green Tea and coffee can be an effective way of trying to reduce excess weight whilst still maintaining the bodies muscle mass.

Green Tea for Maintaining Muscle Mass

Scientists in Brazil conducted a number of experiments around the effects of Green Tea. The research found that participants regularly consuming Green Tea were able to better retain their lean muscle mass. This was because consuming Green Tea helped to reduce cell damage caused by intense resistance exercise.

Green Tea and Anti-Oxidants

The anti-oxidants in Green Tea can help reduce the amount of time we spend out of the gym through illness. There is nothing worse than being kept out of the gym by colds and flu symptoms so the powerful anti-oxidants contained within Green Tea can be essential in ensuring you are able to stick to your training schedule.

Green Tea Supplements

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