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Gluten-Free Banana Protein French Toast

Gluten-Free Banana Protein French Toast

This post doesn’t really contain a recipe. Well… it does. In a way it contain lots of recipes! Let me explain: I made the little stack of Protein French Toast you see here by using a couple of slices of the protein banana bread I uploaded yesterday. I cut off the edges of two slices of banana bread and then soaked them in a mix of egg and milk (one egg and 50ml of milk, to be precise). I want to take this opportunity now to tell you a bit more about Protein French Toast and hook you up with some killer recipes

OK. So, there are two ways to make Protein French Toast.

The first way is to use slices of protein-powderless bread. It can be store-bought bread (Ezekiel 4:9 Bread is great for french toast) or homemade bread (Low-Carb Mr. Peanut Bread and Low-Carb Mr. Peanut Bread, Almond Style are amazing! If you’ve never made them before, you must!) The way you make protein french toast out of them is by soaking them in a mix of whey protein + egg + milk.

I made protein french toast this way when I made my Ginger and Vanilla Protein French Toast.

The second way to make protein french toast is the way I’ve made it in this post – using protein bread soaked and a ‘traditional’ protein-powderless french toast batter (one comprised of egg + milk).

So.. yeah! To recap, you can make french toast by either using a protein-powered egg mix or by using sliced protein bread. Both ways are top notch and yield delicious french toast. It just depends on whether you have a loaf of protein bread around. You can use pretty much any protein bread recipe to make French Toast – just omit the herbs in the recipes that include them.

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