Who doesn’t love a good doughnut…?! But did you know a naughty Krispy Kreme double choc doughnut comes in at a shocking 370 calories, and 19g fat! We understand it’s important to feel satisfied with our food’s taste, therefore TPW Writer Ashleigh Ponder has created this single serving, microwave-friendly, lower carb and fat & higher protein chocolate doughnut to help you on the path to your goals.

“I used a silicon doughnut mould to make this. I highly recommend silicone muffin cases, doughnut moulds and even baking sheets. They’re nearly always microwave and freezer safe, tend to help make some awesome shapes and are reusable. Plus, you don’t have to grease them. You can get similar results by putting the batter in the bottom of a small cereal bowl. Although it won’t have a hole in the middle, you’ll still be able to flip the bowl upside down to release the ‘doughnut’. Vitamin Protein acts as a perfect ‘icing’ here because of how with small quantities of water, it creates a thick, yet creamy, topping.


For the doughnut

• 5g high quality cocoa powder

• 5g TPW Choc Silk Whey Protein 360

• 5g Coconut Flour

• 20g apple puree (or pumpkin puree). For this ingredient, the baby food aisle in your local supermarket has exactly what you need – 100% pureed apple.


For the topping

10g TPW Choc Silk Whey Protein 360

10ml water

5g cocoa powder

Optional: a few TPW Organic Cacao Nibs (approx 2g)


How To Make:

1) Put the dry doughnut ingredients in a mug and mix until evenly distributed.


2) Add the 20g apple puree to the mug and stir in until evenly combined.


3) Transfer the mixture into a silicone doughnut mould or the bottom of a bowl.


4) Wipe out any remaining mixture from the mug and set it aside ready to mix the icing.


5) Spread the top of the mixture so it is flat. Wipe any spillage around the sides so it doesn’t affect the shape.


6) Microwave for 35-40 seconds (850W).


7) Remove from the microwave, and immediately flip the mould/bowl upside down over a plate. You may need to use oven gloves if the bowl or mould is too hot to hold.


8) Going back to the mixing mug, add 10g Vitamin Protein, 5g cocoa powder and 10ml water to the mug.


9) Stir the ‘icing’ toppings until a thick paste is formed.


10) Carefully spread the icing over the doughnut.


11) Sprinkle over any toppings.


12) Dig in!


Nutritional Information:

Including 2g cacao nibs, this recipe contains:

Calories: 139

Protein: 13g

Carbohydrates: 7g (+7g fibre)

Fat: 5g


Written by Ashleigh Ponder @balancednotclean

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