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Beta-alanine For Endurance Training

Beta-alanine For Endurance Training

Beta-alanine is a supplement that can have a big effect on endurance training. Endurance training means pushing your body further and further each time you train. This gradually increases the amount of time that your body can exercise for before stopping. Many factors influence endurance training. Beta-alanine is able to alter the way these factors affect your training and improve your results.

How does Beta-Alanine Help Endurance Training?

Beta-alanine helps reduce the fatigue experienced by muscles. This is done by increase the rate at which lactic acid is removed. By reducing the fatigue felt in the muscle your are able to push further than before. As your levels of beta-alanine increase the effect becomes more prominent. Higher beta-alanine levels means less fatigue. Unfortunately fatigue cant be stopped altogether. Being able to run/cycle etc. even slightly faster than usual will greatly increase your ability. It is worth remembering that because your body is processing lactic acid more effectively your lactic threshold is higher. This means you will be able to push harder for the duration of your workout.

What Kind of Training Should I Be Doing?

Beta-alanine increases your lactic threshold. Having a higher lactic threshold means you can keep your heart rate higher before experiencing the effects of lactic acid. To take advantage of the effects of beta-alanine, adjust your normal pace until you find the pace that lactic acid starts to affect you at. Drop slightly below this and you have a new working pace. Having a slightly higher training pace will allow your body to adjust to working at the higher rate. You can also do more intense interval training. During each fast interval your body will produce lactic acid. In the rest interval, the beta-alanine will help your body process the lactic acid more effectively and let you work harder.

Will I Lose Gains When Stop Using Beta-Alanine?

The benefit of beta-alanine to endurance training is the reduction in fatigue. The reduction in fatigue only occurs when the level of beta-alanine in your body are high. Once you stop taking beta-alanine, the levels will drop and so will your resistance to fatigue. This will make you feel like you have lost your gains at first. But if you compare your times or distances after having used beta-alanine to what they were before you will see a big difference. This difference will be larger than if you had not used beta-alanine. This is one of the great aspects of beta-alanine, the gains do not disappear when you stop taking the supplement.

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