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Almond & Dark Chocolate Protein Chocolates

Protein Chocolates

These chocolates are up there with the best chocolates I’ve ever made. They’re REALLY dark chocolatey and their filling is phenomenal – the kind of thing that you can eat with a spoon. They’re better than any other ‘regular’ (i.e. proteinless) filled chocolate I’ve ever had. Once you taste them, I think you’ll agree with me!

Now, the recipe below contains two variations: the first is all-natural and includes coconut sugar. The second features a sugar alternative instead of the coconut sugar. The difference between them is, primarily, one of kcals and carbs, with the Sukrin Gold featuring a lot less of each.

Flavor and texture-wise though, they’re pretty similar! I’ve given you the macros for both below. Only thing I want you to note here is that *some* people react a bit… ‘weirdly’ to erythritol (it makes them bloated) so if are making your chocolates for someone else and you’re not sure how they may react to the erythritol, just make them avec some coconut sugar.

(Click here to convert it all to cups and tbsp!)

30g gluten-free oat flour (or almonds if you don’t want to use oats!)
25g whey protein powder
25g coconut flour
1/4 cup (50g) coconut sugar
A  bit under 1/4 cup (20g) cocoa powder
A bit over 1/2 cup (70ml) almond milk
1/4 cup (30g) ground almonds
2 bars 85% dark chocolate

Protein Chocolate Gluten-Free


1. Mix your ingredients together until you get a soft dough that tastes delicious. If it’s too wet, add a bit more of the coconut flour. If it’s too dry, a tiiiiny bit more of the milk 🙂
2. Melt your dark chocolate (in a bain marie – a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water).
3. Get out a chocolate mold.
4. Pour 1/2 of your melted chocolate in the mold, pushing it around the edges with a spoon so that the edges and bottom are coated in melted chocolate.
5. Grab little bits of your protein dough and add little ‘balls’ of it inside each chocolate mold (on top of the melted chocolate). Once you’ve done the whole tray, cover all the dough with the rest of the melted chocolate.
6. Let the chocolates cool in the fridge for a 2-3 hours or in the freezer for 30mins.
7. Unmold your chocolates and… ENJOY!


Per 1 out of 24, using Sukrin Gold: 67kcals, 3.5g carbs, 4.9.g fat and 2.3g protein
Per 1 out of 24, using coconut sugar: 75g protein, 5.5g carbs, 4.9g fat, 2.3g protein

Protein Chocolates

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