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Cocoa-Coated Vanilla Protein Fluff Dumplings

Cocoa-Coated Vanilla Protein Fluff Dumplings

These Cocoa-Coated Vanilla Protein Fluff Dumplings are a delectable twist on a classic favourite. Imagine fluffy dumplings, delicately coated in a velvety cocoa glaze.

Whether you’re seeking a delightful dessert or simply looking to treat yourself, these dumplings are sure to hit the spot.

Check out this intriguing and unique recipe below…

Cocoa-Coated Vanilla Protein Fluff Dumplings


1/2 a frozen banana
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1/8 cup milk
1 rice paper
Cocoa powder


1. Make some banana protein fluff by blending and then (electrically) whisking the banana, whey and milk for 4-5 minutes. You can use berries instead of banana if you want too and chocolate whey instead of vanilla. (You can use any whey you want and any fruit – as long as the fruit is frozen before you blend it all together)

2. Get out some rice paper and drown the paper in some hot water until it gets soft (after 15-20 seconds). Each rice paper is 37.7 kcals with 8.7g or carbs and pretty much no protein or fat. 

3. Fill the rice paper with the fluff and press the end together so it seals.

4. Put some cocoa powder on a little bowl and dip the fluff-containing-dumpling on it.

Macros per Dumpling (out of 3):

17g carbs (6g sugars)
10g protein
2g fat
0.7g fibre

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