Caffeine is found in the seeds, leaves and fruits of certain plants, and affects the central nervous system. Caffeine positively impacts memory, performance, endurance and coordination. Caffeine increases arousal, alertness and combats fatigue. There are more effects, but these are the ones that ninety nine percent of the population are focused on.

How is Caffeine used?

Anyone who has used straight caffeine knows the stuff works. The military adds caffeine to gum as well as other items like snack bars. Energy drinks (and more recently, energy shots) are all the rage, even away from the gym/training setting. Be warned, caffeine is not for everyone. The levels needed to become toxic are difficult to achieve in the human body, but everyone reacts differently to caffeine. The effects of caffeine on the body before a workout are well-documented. Take it thirty minutes before you start your training and enjoy the boost in energy, focus and drive!

Coffee vs. Caffeine Pills

Let’s get one thing straight, coffee and caffeine are not the same thing. Most people think of coffee and caffeine as essentially interchangeable terms with the same effects.Caffeine and coffee actually have very different effects. When we talk about the effects of caffeine on performance or mental state, we are talking about straight caffeine rather than coffee.

Why not Coffee?

Without getting all ‘science-ey’ about things, coffee has effects completely separate from caffeine. Coffee has a chemical in it that actually is the exact opposite of adrenaline, which means effects on focus can almost be counter-productive. That’s right, coffee isn’t as good a “pick-me-up” as you think! Straight caffeine has none of these anti-adrenaline chemical, and so is much better for the energy boost and mental alertness that we seek.

Caffeine Summary

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that has been shown to enhance focus, energy and in turn performance as a pre-workout supplement. It also has support as an effective fatburner on a budget. Aim for 200mg increments, see how your body reacts, and go from there. Performance Caffeine Pills is the perfect low-cost, high-quality product for this scenario.

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