Summers over, abs have gone into hiding under warm comfort food and big jumpers. But you’re your abs can be there all year round! These three simple exercises targets key parts of the abdominal area which enables the best results for a toned stomach. So say hello to those abs!

  1. Toe Taps
  2. Weighted Bent Leg Jack Knifes
  3. Bicycle Crunches


Toe Taps

1)    Lie on your back with both arms above your head and raise your legs to a 90 degree angle. Then lifting your torso off the floor, try to reach your fingertips up to touch your toes.

2)    Slowly go back down and return to the start position


Weighted Bent Leg Jack Knifes

1)    Lie on your back, holding a 3-6kg dumbbell above your head. Then bring your knees to your chest and weight to your knees, lifting your torso off the floor.

2)    Hold for a few seconds before slowly releasing your arms and legs so they’re just off the floor.


Bicycle Crunches

1)    Lie on your back and place your hands behind your ears. Raise your feet, head and shoulder blades. Bring the left knee to meet your right elbow.

2)    Alternate legs, twisting your upper body – make sure your knee meets the opposite elbow


Make sure you repeat all three exercises for four sets of 20 reps per exercise with a 60 second break if needed in between after your second set. Who said you can’t have abs for Christmas



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