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push up challenge

The Great Press-Up Challenge: How Many Could You Do In A Day?

Trends on social media have spiked around charitable causes in the last few years. Whether it be running 5k, throwing an ice bucket over yourself or going without makeup, the causes are all good ones, and the latest one got us thinking. How could we get involved?

Having been taken on by some of the biggest names in world sport, the idea of doing 25 press ups (push ups?) once a day for 25 days is a great idea…but what if it was done all in just one day?

On August 11th, Just Do More hosts Chris Ridgway and Tom Trotter will be taking part in a challenge seeing them up against 625 press ups, and just a short amount of time to do them. A donation of £1 per press up will then be donated by The Protein Works to the Royal British Legion to support those struggling with PTSD.

Game on or game over? We’re about to find out!

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