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Take One Protein Cheesecake

Take One Protein Cheesecake

I’m an amateur cheesecaker so this is Take One. See, I grew up passionately HATING cheesecake. Places like the Cheesecake Factory always seemed so cool to me except when it came time to order dessert and I couldn’t muster the idea of ordering cheesecake.

Sure, they looked unbelievably scrumptious and I knew their popularity rested on their being ‘heavenly’ but the idea of cheesecake? No gracias.

This all changed a few months ago though, when I discovered Protein Cheesecake. I’ve seen protein cheesecakes before and I have made some kind of strange approximations but this is my first serious attempt.


4g psyllium husks
1 small tub 0% Total Yogurt
34g vanilla whey
122g liquid egg whites
12g coconut flour
vanilla essence

20g hazelnuts
1 fat medjool date
20g hemp protein powder
3g cocoa
almond milk (splash)


1. Mixed and wisked the filling.

2. Mixed the base, adding a bit of almond milk until it formed a thick dry-ish paste. Put the filling on the base.

3. Baked at ‘low heat’ for approximately 30 minutes? Boom. 

Macros per Serving: N/A

Very nice tasting but I think it needed to be creamier (I blame the whey but maybe I think actually cooked it too long). The base though, I really, really, liked. Maybe next time maybe I can throw in some yolk so it sticks together better but flavor wise, halla. Overall, for Take One, it was fine but I welcome your advice about how to improve this since I bet someone reading this has a way superior recipe. I’m all ‘ears’ ?

UPDATE – After coming back from the gym, I polished off the whole cake which had been sitting in the fridge for a couple of hours and I have got to say that it was AMAZING! Wow. WOW! The base was solid and mmmmm!!!! :-)))))

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