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Squidgy Protein Banana Brownies

Squidgy Protein Banana Brownies

Feeling the cold? Don’t down shift your training. Turn it up day or night no matter the conditions with these delicious squidy high protein Banana Brownies. They’ll be sure to keep the whole squad feeling fuelled!


Serves 2 People

Carbohydrates:  15g Per Serving              Proteins:   11g Per Serving                 Fats:   15g Per Serving                Calories: 238

40 g rich TPW Chocolate Fudge Mugcake powder

1 medium smashed banana

15 g TPW Coconut Flour

15 g TPW Pure Instant Oats

1 whole egg

50 ml egg whites

10 g Organic Coconut Oil

5 g Organic Cacao Powder

100 ml Coconut Milk

How to Make:

1. First of all, combine all the dry ingredients, then add coconut milk, banana, the whole egg and egg whites + melted coconut oil. Stir everything and transfer in a 18×18 lined pan with parchment paper.

2. Baked in the oven for about 8/10 at 180 degrees.

3. Let it cool and cut in 9 medium slices and serve.

4. They are perfect with a cacao cream as topping who you can made with 15 g organic cacao podwer + 5 ml melted coconut oil and a bit of water.

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