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Recovery (Protein) Pancakes

Recovery (Protein) Pancakes


I calling these pancakes ‘Recovery (Protein) Pancakes’ because I used a ‘Recovery’ branded vanilla protein blend to make them. Why is it called Recover 2:1:1? Because of its 2:1:1 blend of carbohydrates (waxy maize: glucose: fructose), 2:1:1 ratio of proteins (whey protein isolate: casein: egg white protein powder) and 2:1:1 blend of aminos (Leucine: Isoleucine: Valine). It’s designed this way to hit the system with fast-digesting carbs and sustained-release protein and aminos to allow for one’s optimal recovery  post-workout. This makes powder is a lot higher in carbs than our usual protein powders though; that’s why I’m calling these Recovery (Protein) Pancakes. Ready to give them a shot? Because they’re really easy to make – all you need are three ingredients – and they turn out pretty much like regular pancakes!


1 fat scoop vanilla protein blend
2 fat scoops rolled oats
2 egg whites + 1 whole egg


You just blend it all together and panfry it on a hot-hot-hot nonstick pan that’s been further nonsticked with some coconut oil. As soon as you spoon your batter onto the hot-hot-hot pan (so that it sizzles upon contact), turn down the heat to medium to ensure you don’t burn the lot and end up with sadface. Aaaaaand, that’s it!

I ended up with 15 perfectly fluffy mini pancakes and ate half of them spreading some Nutella over a few after a particularly demanding day at the gym. I am trying to replicate the Nutella actually, to create a healthier version for you guys that lacks all the hm-hm ingredients and improves its macros to allow for a higher-protein stack of pancakes. I think it can be done. No, scrap that. I KNOW it can be done; it’s just a matter of time.

Macros per Serving (out of 2):

19g protein
35g carbs
4g fat
3.3g fiber

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9 Replies to “Recovery (Protein) Pancakes”

  1. Hi Anna, I haven’t tried this, but how about adding cocoa powder to almond meal to make nutella?

    Almond meal- Soak almonds in water for a few hours, blend, strain the mixture to get almond milk, the leftover is almond meal.

    • Hi Cheryl! that sounds like a good idea, merci!!! But maybe with hazelnuts? for the Nutellaness? and cocoa powder for sure and maybe… coconut oil? hmmm…..

  2. Wait, scratch that! I just realized Nutella comes from hazelnuts, not almonds! But what about hazelnut meal? I’m not sure the hazelnut milk will taste good though….

    • Please do! I would try it myself, but I can’t get hazelnuts in Singapore. At least not for an arm and a leg. Nuts are pretty expensive here already. Hazelnuts are delicious even by themselves though!

  3. Another idea- make hazelnut butter (roast hazelnuts, throw into the food processor) and mix with melted dark chocolate! Not totally guilt-free but worth it!

  4. These pancakes look so delicious, I’m gonna try making them for my lunch today, but replacing the vanilla with some chocolate proteine powder, so I don’t need to add anything on them, and can eat them that way :).