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Sugar Free Vegan Protein Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Sugar Free Vegan Protein Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Check out this simple and easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse recipe from @Ultimateshapefitness to help fight off those sugar cravings!

I often fancy a sweet treat to curl up on the sofa with in the evenings, but I struggle to find something that isn’t yoghurt and berries, and that’s super quick and easy but hits the spot!  Well look no further;

This chocolate mousse is the quickest 5 ingredient dessert you will make, it’s super healthy, refined sugar free and vegan when made with the delicious chocolate Protein Works Vegan Protein but trust me it’s a sweet one!

You can make this into a mousse or ice-cream and its absolutely delicious as both, personally I prefer the ice-cream because everyone loves a bit of ice-cream don’t they?

Ingredients: (Makes 2 servings)



  • Preferably soak the dates for a few hours before in a just enough water to cover them however if you don’t have time to soak them just chuck all the ingredients into a blender and blend until a smooth consistency- splash in the almond milk until you have a smooth desired consistency or medium – thick.
  • Separate into 2 small dishes and refrigerate or freeze for 45mins-1 hour depending on if you would like a mousse or ice-cream.
  • Optional: sprinkle desecrated coconut on the top and enjoy!

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Calories- 210, Protein- 15g, Carbs- 37g , Fat- 2g per serving.

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