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Protein Shake With Oats

Protein Shake With Oats


Hey guys, just wondering if you mix your protein shake with some oats or porridge how do you do it, what’s the best way?

Do you mix it in your shaker or do you do it in a bowl and mix it up like that? Or any other ways?

Just thinking about doing this so I’m filling myself up for a bit longer in the mornings.


Lee Responded:

I usually blend my oats using a blender. Once the consistency is fine enough I’ll then add this to shakes (depending on my macronutrient requirements). I’ll either shake it in a shake or if I can, I’ll blend it altogether using a blender.


Yeh I haven’t got a blender right now, maybe some time in the future.

What do you do about the amount of water/milk you use?

What I mean is, my protein shake says 300-350ml of water/milk, and the oats I have with 200ml of milk. So forgive me if this is a stupid question but would I add those amounts together and use 500ml of milk for when I mix them together?

Also, what flavour protein shake do you think goes best with oats?

LEE Responded

Lol, do whatever you like dude. If you want a thick shake, add more oats. If you don’t, don’t.

If the volume of shake you require is large, add more milk/water. If not, don’t 🙂

For a quick shake I’ll just add 300ml water, a scoop of whey and a scoop of oats. If I want something thicker/creamier then I’ll add more of the powder. Sometimes to thicken it I’ll chuck in some greek yogurt. If I want it sweeter, I’ll add some stevia. If I want it more chocolatey I’ll add cocoa. If I want a large shake I’ll just double the portions up.


Rich Added

I use the unflavoured TPW Super Fine Oats in with my protein, twice a day. Whack 100g oats and 30g protein in a shaker with 400ml water and go hard – much easier in the big blender with mesh, not the ball. I mix with water as I take my powders to work and mix them up at work then after at the gym and transporting milk would be a pain, also saves a few g of fat! Easy way to get on decent calories and good carbs pre and post workout for me, and dead cheap calories for that matter too. Before I got the super fine I used to blend normal rolled oats, but this is so much easier for when I’m away from home etc.

From personal experience, Lemon Shortcake doesn’t work, it goes well with Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana flavours. Vanilla is nice if you like oaty flavour (I do!).


SimonMercer Added

I also use the TPW super fine oats, purely because when im working earlies, Im up at 3am, and just cannot face a breakfast, I mix 1 scoop of oats, 1 scoop of whey and mix with milk, and i can drink it in the car on the way to work, which means a few extra minutes in bed 🙂

I prefer the caramel macchiato 🙂



Cheers guys, I was looking at the TPW oats but forget to add them when I placed my order, regretting it now. Will see how the normal oats I have go first and if they’re too thick I’ll buy some from TPW.

I have the strawberries n cream whey, thinking I’m going to go for chocolate or vanilla next not really a fan of the strawberries one. Maybe it’ll be nice with oats though…


Stevenbinks Added

I just mix oat powder with whey and shake.

if its porridge for breakfast, ill shake the whey and add to the oats then nuke it.



When it fits in with my macros I like to have half a cup of oats with 300ml of almond milk, a scoop of whey isolate, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a broken up rusk. Such a terrific combination.

I might try blending some oats into a protein shake though and see what that’s like.


Righty Added

Less finesse, here, I’m afraid. 🙂
I just throw enough oats to make it chewy into two scoops of TPW whey and 3/4 of a blender of water, then drink/chew it while I’m doing the usual morning things of looking for shoes and playing the “do I/don’t I need a shave” game. 🙂


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