Trying to find time to squeeze the gym into an already-busy day can sometimes prove tricky, leaving you frustrated and feeling disappointed if you don’t make it. We’re here to save the day with this high-intensity circuit that will have you feeling the burn and torching serious calories (up to 500) in just 30 minutes!

If you want more of a challenge try incorporating these into the circuit: 

  • Wear wrist or ankle weights
  • Use dumbbells for additional resistance 

Start with some gentle stretches and have a bottle of water to hand – you’re going to need it! 

Repeat each exercise one after the other with no rest. At the end of each circuit, rest for 2 minutes, then repeat 4 more times. We’ve thrown in a little finisher at the end so perform your plank for at least 60 seconds and hold until failure. 

Towel at the ready? Here goes! 

Exercise 1: Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds (hold dumbbells or wear wrist/ankle weights for extra resistance)

Exercise 2: Burpees (sorry guys) – 30 seconds 

Exercise 3: Press-ups – drop and give us 10!

Exercise 4: Jump squats – be sure to swing your arms to launch yourself off the ground – x10 

Exercise 5: Alternating lunges – x15 each leg (hold dumbbells for added resistance here if you can)

Repeat 5x in total  

Finisher: 60 second (minimum) plank – hold as long as you can until failure. 

Smashed it! 


Stephanie Yates

Stephanie Yates

Stephanie has a BSc in Food and Nutrition, paired with an extensive culinary background gained working as a chef and recipe developer for healthy eateries. With a passion for fitness and sports nutrition, Stephanie utilises her knowledge to deliver science-backed nutritional guidance and up-to-date, well-researched articles in this field. As a former chef, Stephanie has a wealth of experience in developing creative, healthy and delicious recipes to help people meet their nutritional needs and fitness/body goals.

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