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Vegan Protein Ice Cream

Dairy-Free & Vegan Protein Ice Cream

Vegan Protein Ice Cream Ingredients 30g      Pea Protein Powder 2          Bananas 1          Splash Date Syrup 40g      Cashew Nuts (Pre-soak in water overnight) Directions Blend it all up and freeze! Notes Trust us, the end product will be amazing! Ice cream and protein a match made in heaven. Though they’re are some tips below to aid you in the process. 1. Consider adding a tbsp or two of coconut oil to your mix before freezing. This will make the ice cream smoother when it comes to when you scoop it out of the container. You’ll notice right away in the video above and the picture below that my ice cream froze a bit too solidly. Coconut oil would help prevent that. And the amount of cashews used. 2. Consider using different kinds of sweetener. Perhaps our Zero calorie syrups would be great here or even coconut sugar or granulated stevia if you wanted to go lower carb? Something like Truvia perhaps? 3. If you want to try this with another protein powder, go ahead! We’d suggest staying away from whey though. And hemp, unless you’re going for a chocolate ice cream by adding a ton of cocoa. That being said, cocoa liquor would probably be better than cocoa powder for texture purposes. Vegan Protein Ice Cream
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