Plyometric exercises (explosive movements) are a sure-fire way to torch some serious calories and build muscle. We’ve created this routine to combine some of the best plyometric exercises for an incredible fat blasting workout you can do at home, in the gym, outside (if you’re brave!) – anywhere! With zero equipment required, there’s no excuse not to squeeze the workout in around your festive schedule! 

How it works: Perform each exercise for the indicated number of reps. Blast this 500-calorie workout circuit as quickly as possible (you may even complete it in less than 30 minutes!). Rest as you need in between each circuit, stay hydrated and remember to breathe! 

So, let’s get to it!

Circuit 1: 

Skipping Rope (using rope or just perform the movement)100 
Bodyweight Jump Squats50
Press Ups25
High Knees 75

Circuit 2:

Skipping Rope 150
Alternating Jumping Lunges (if too challenging, do regular alternating lunges)50 (25 each leg)
Star jumps 75 
Sit ups 25 

Circuit 3: 

Skipping Rope200
Mountain Climbers50 
Butt Kicks 75 
Side Lying Leg Raises 50 (25 each leg)


Stephanie Yates

Stephanie Yates

Stephanie has a BSc in Food and Nutrition, paired with an extensive culinary background gained working as a chef and recipe developer for healthy eateries. With a passion for fitness and sports nutrition, Stephanie utilises her knowledge to deliver science-backed nutritional guidance and up-to-date, well-researched articles in this field. As a former chef, Stephanie has a wealth of experience in developing creative, healthy and delicious recipes to help people meet their nutritional needs and fitness/body goals.

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