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Everything You Need To Know About Complete Meals

Everything You Need To Know About Complete Meals

We need to eat. That is just a simple fact of life.

So, it can be frustrating, to find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have the time (or energy) to cook up a meal from scratch and we want something that is healthier and macro friendly than a bland ready meal, that’s been blasted in the microwave.

With our daily routines starting to fall back into place, after being thrown up in the air by Covid-19, we are starting to find ourselves with a lot on our plates once again, as we get back to working normal hours, doing school runs and dealing with the general “busyness” of everyday life.

Just when are we meant to find the time to get in a decent meal? I hear you cry.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing, Complete Meal 360.

What is Complete Meal 360

In short, it’s a meal replacement shake.

It’s okay, you can uncurl your toes.

360 isn’t your usual meal replacement shake that you see being flogged on Instagram by “fitness influencers”, that do nothing more than leave a sour taste in your mouth, both literally, and metaphorically.

But we get it. Meal replacement shakes are often viewed as inadequate substitutes to eating a solid meal. Some even go as far to say it’s not even food at all, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

By definition, “food” is any substance that is consumed to provide nutritional support.

What makes 360 Different from the rest?

If we had to answer in a word? Quality.

But were not restricted to just one word, so let’s dig a little deeper into the question below.

Each time you have a 360 complete meal you can be assured to receive the perfect combination and balance of protein, carbs, fats and fibre – an achievement hard to emulate with a solid meal, unless you are a MyFitnessPal wizard.

With a combination of pea, hemp and brown rice protein, one shake provides you with all nine of the essential amino acids that are essential for muscle repair, recovery, overall wellbeing and of course keep you feeling fuller for longer. (1)

In addition, you’ll also be getting in a third of your RDI of fibre at 10g per meal, helping prevent the risk of certain diseases such diabetes, stroke and heart disease, whilst promoting good gut health and digestion. (2,3)

We’re off to a good start,  but let’s take a look through the microscope and get down to the finer details -Micronutrients.

Whilst getting the right blend of macronutrients is paramount, you also need to ensure your getting a healthy dosage of vitamins and mineral

Naturally, complete meal 360 has them in abundance, 25 to be exact.

Just one sip, and you’ll be nourishing your body with Zinc, , Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Folic acid, Selenium, Thiamine and vitamins A, C, E, D, B12, B6, to name just a few.

Meaning you’ll be the recipient of a host of benefits such as improved skin health, strong bones, brain functioning, energy levels, psychological function and boosted metabolism.

But why stop there? With the inclusion of Ashwagandha, you also get a healthy dosage of probiotics to help nourish your body.

Why else you should choose a complete meal?

Save time & money

Eating on the move can be a costly affair, a meal-deal isn’t exactly a fair-deal, when it comes to your bank account.

At less than £1.69 per serving though, 360 isn’t nearly half the cost and can be made and consumed within a matter of seconds just adding water or your favourite plant based milk, saving both time and money – our most valuable commodities.

Perfect transition into a plant based diet

If your looking to move towards more of a plant based or vegan lifestyle, food obviously plays a major role. To begin with, it can seem a little daunting, trying to know what’s best to eat.

With 360, all the guess work is taken away. You get a plant based meal with all the nutritional requirements fulfilled, to let you thrive on a plant based diet.

Minimum waste, Maximum flavour

Utilising a fresh seal pouch and year long shelf life, you can immediately reduce your food waste and with a range of flavours mirroring those of your favourite go to snacks, you will also have a choice of meals to keep your taste buds excited.

Eco friendly

In today’s climate, the food we eat isn’t just about what it does to our body, but what it does to our planet. People are becoming more aware that their food choices have a far reaching and long standing effect on the environment.

Being 100% vegan, and importantly, free of palm oil, you can be safe in the knowledge that your purchase is keeping environmental strains to an absolute minimum.




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