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Chocolate and Strawberry Protein

Below are ingredients for three different types of flapjacks, all featuring protein powders: 


[strawberry flapjacks]
20g organic unsalted butter
23g Australian honey (because, ey)
48g rolled oats
40g strawberry hemp protein powder
1 egg

[chocolate flapjacks]
18g butter
18g honey
63g oats (oops, it’s what happens when you pour straight out of the bag)
50g chocolate hemp
1 egg
6g cocoa


It’s all about just melting the butter with honey in a pan and throwing it in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients before baking and slicing. Questo es tutto. 

Macros per Serving (each makes 7):

8.8g carbos (1.6g fiber)
4g protein
3.8g fa

10.1g carbs (2g fiber)
5.1g protein
4.1g fat 

Wohoo -> yummy!! Should have added nuts in there two, maybe some goji berries as well and grated coconut? These strawberry ones (the lighter ones) taste so much of strawberry it’s crazy! I mean they’re brown and all and one would think they’re chocolate but oh ho ho! It’s pure strawberry goodness! Maybe I should have photographed them with some strawberries next to them, kind of like when a baby girl looks like a boy so the parents dress it in pink so there’s no confusion? hehehe 😛