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Chocolate & Strawberry Protein Flapjacks

Here are protein flapjacks numero due e tre. Now, they both look brown because I’m using hemp protein powder. Could you do this with regular whey? Most likely absolutely yes. Try it! Now, the ‘trick’ to flapjacks, in my unpresuming lyamateur opinion, is 1. butter and 2. honey.

Basically you melt the butter with the honey and throw that sweet-smelling liquid onto oats and protein, shape into a pan and bake at around 150 Celsius for 15-20 minutes depending on your oven (basically check up on them after 15 and take out when, after stabbing them, your knife comes out clean). Instead of butter, you can also use coconut oil.

The beauty of protein powder is that you don’t need any sugar and they’re high in protein (*shocking*).


[strawberry flapjacks]
20g organic unsalted butter
23g Australian honey (because, ey)
48g rolled oats
40g strawberry vegan protein powder
1 egg

[chocolate flapjacks]
18g butter
18g honey
63g oats (oops, it’s what happens when you pour straight out of the bag)
50g chocolate hemp
1 egg
6g cocoa


It’s all about just melting the butter with honey in a pan and throwing it in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients before baking and slicing. Questo es tutto. 

Macros per Serving (each makes 7):

8.8g carbos (1.6g fiber)
4g protein
3.8g fa

10.1g carbs (2g fiber)
5.1g protein
4.1g fat 

Wohoo -> yummy!! Should have added nuts in there two, maybe some goji berries as well and grated coconut? These strawberry ones (the lighter ones) taste so much of strawberry it’s crazy! I mean they’re brown and all and one would think they’re chocolate but oh ho ho! It’s pure strawberry goodness! Maybe I should have photographed them with some strawberries next to them, kind of like when a baby girl looks like a boy so the parents dress it in pink so there’s no confusion? hehehe 😛

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