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Best Protein Version For Flavour?

Best Protein Version For Flavour?


There are a large choice (which is good) of proteins, I currently take 100% Whey Advanced Vanilla Creme flavour which I think is excellent but do the vanilla creme’s in the other whey protein combinations taste different? Is one type i.e. Whey 80 concentrate.

Just wondered if anyone had tried the range and had an opinion?



Hi Lee – Good question! Truth is there are only very slight differences in terms of taste between the shakes so depends how talented your taste buds are 🙂

The Whey 80 tends to give a smooth, creamy taste as is made purely of whey concentrate. With formulas such as 100% Whey Advanced, ingredients such as Glutamine, iBCAA and Hydrolysed Whey each have their own distinctive taste so can slightly impact overall taste – but again it’s VERY slight. So guess it’s a matter of which product works best for you in terms of nutritional composition and your goals!

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