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A Better Posture For A Better Workout

We all know that a poor posture is bad for your health and bad your workouts. But why? Poor posture can cause pain, stiffness, aching, excessive weight, injuries and many other serious problems with the long-term affecting bodily systems (such as digestion, breathing, muscles, joints and ligaments) – all of which is not a good thing when we are trying to work out and get fit!

So what can we do to fix our posture and how will this help us when working out? First of all think about the times that you could have poor posture such as when you’re sitting, standing, sleeping, and lifting objects. Next think about how you could improve the way you do those things:


Sit on a chair (or sofa) with a high back and firm support. Don’t slouch or lean lounge over the arms of the sofa.


Stand up tall and straight. Pull your stomach in to increase balance, have your shoulders relaxed and keep your chest out.


Lift by bending your knees, keeping your back straight and your head looking forward. Let your legs do the work so you’re not to injure your back (just in the manor you would do a squat).


Sleeping on your side with the knees bent is thought to be one of the best positions to sleep in. Laying on your back is also fine as long as you don’t have excessively thick pillows under your head (as it’s important to keep your head level with your spine). Sleeping on your stomach is really not a good idea as your back will arch in on itself and cause a lot of pain after a short while.

Whether you’re male or female you can incorporate workouts into your lives which will help to improve your posture as well as your flexibility. Some of the workouts you could do are: Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates or a combination of them to focus on stretching, balance and relaxation aimed to improve posture and flexibility.

A Better Workout

Now that we’ve figured out how to achieve a better posture. This may help you increase flexibility, movement and range of motion – to improve your workouts. Good posture also prevents muscle aches and muscle fatigue. It keeps your bones and joints in proper alignment so you use your muscles more efficiently.


Author Instagram: @lorraineannefitness

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