The Olympics are here and Rio has welcomed in the 31st Olympic Games. To get you pumped for the games as much as we are here at TPW Towers, here’s 10 things about the Olmpics you might not know



1. The first official Olympic Games were hosted at Athens in 1896


2. The medals haven’t been solid gold since 1912 but are coated in 6 grams of gold


3. This is the first time the Olympics have been hosted in Brazil


4. Michael Phelps holds the most Olympic gold medals with 18 and a total of 22


5. The first Olympics Games were hosted in 776 B.C. and were a religious festival to celebrate the Greek god Zeus


6. More than 1.2 million people applied for Olympics tickets in the first week of applications opening


7. The Tug of War was a sport at the Olympic Games from 1900 or 1920


8. Great Britain is the only country to have won at least 1 gold medal at every Summer Olympics


9. The 5 rings of the Olympic flat resent Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and The Americas, with each country having at least one of the ring colours in their flag


10. Before each Olympic Games, the Olympic Torch, or Flame, is lit in Olympia in Greece and brought ot the host city by runners



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