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  • Protein Peanut Butter Truffles

    By AliceWearn | 27 Jul 2015

    When it's hot outside, the last thing you want to do is crank up the oven and sweat it out! This recipe is one you can enjoy without any oven or stovetop required and it can't be any simpler.


  • Post-race Recovery: Nutrition, Hydration and Activity

    By VikkiRoberts | 25 Jul 2015

    If you're a runner or triathlete, you're well into race season now. Whether you're participating in a 5km or ultra distance event, it's important to ensure that you're looking after your body well by paying attention to your recovery routine post-race....

  • Protein Cookie Dough Cookies

    By Andy McG | 23 Jul 2015

    Cookies ... Cookie Dough ... Great inventions. Put together, add some Protein and it has to be a win/win situation right !? Using Peanut Butter in this recipe means although we are getting slightly higher Calories (Keep in mind its 9 Cals per 1G Fat...

  • Powerlifting Training: Pieces of the Puzzle

    By MrProvis | 22 Jul 2015

    Most geniuses of lifting science err on the side of bodybuilding, these days. And I can understand why: hypertrophy is hard, especially when coupled with the attenuation of fat gain. But getting brutally strong is not just the realm of the meatheads who...