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There are three main areas. Firstly, you can chat about just about anything on the Forums and get advice and opinions from the wider TPW™ Community. Next, you can read the Blogs created by beginners, pro athletes and everyone in between. Finally, there is our ever growing Articles section written by experts in health & fitness, offering a free resource for you to tap in to.

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  • Being Different

    10 Jan 2014

    We always had a very clear vision for THE PROTEIN WORKS™. Not just the big stuff, but also the small details; the things that...


  • Holiday Workout with No Gym Needed

    By IanHIRST | 14 Apr 2014

    Its the time of year now when many of us are going away on holiday and unfortunately not all hotels and resorts are equipped with a modern, state of the art gym. Lots of hotel gyms are ok for cardio exercise but lack the free weights or weights machines that...

  • So you Want to be a Personal Trainer?

    By IRONFIT | 10 Apr 2014

    Statistically 90% of newly qualified trainers have given up within 90 days'. I cannot remember where I read this statement, nor can I confirm its validity but having worked in the fitness industry for a long time I would say it's probably spot on. My first...

  • The Importance of Washing Your Meat

    By Will Dyson | 28 Feb 2014

    The selection of leaner meat choices has become a well-established supermarket practice for most of those conscious about their health or goals.


  • CLA: Your Weapon When Cutting

    By TPW Spartan | 24 Jun 2013
    conjugated linoleic acid

    Whilst the supplement industry is full of products designed to lower your body fat, including everything from thermogenics, thyroid stimulators, lipolytic agents, fat transporters and appetite suppressants, few have been backed by as many medical and sports...