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Forum posts


  • How Much Exercise Do We Need?

    By TPW Spartan | 07 Oct 2015

    New research has been published suggesting that the current government exercise guidelines of half an hour of moderate exercise per day may NOT be enough and that this should even be doubled to see any heart health improvements.


  • Truffle Chocolate Pancake Heaven

    By AlexWilson1 | 30 Sep 2015

    Welcome to TRUFFLE CHOCOLATE PANCAKE HEAVEN. This place is filled with a LOT (86g to be exact). I do hope you enjoy your stay here. Pick out your favourite TPW chocolate flavour Whey Protein 80 and let's get onto cooking these...

  • Chocolate & Vanilla Protein Cheesecake!

    By CallumJones | 29 Sep 2015

    Just because you're training hard and sticking to a clean diet, it doesn't mean that you should miss out on the wonders of delicous cheesecake! This protein-packed version is healthy, easy to make and will satisfy your sweet tooth when your cravings start...

  • Cinnamon Protein Sugar Muffins

    By AliceWearn | 06 Sep 2015

    I think there is a theme occurring in my recipes recently... we are turning autumnal like the weather!

    A big warm cinnamon bun used to be one of my favourite things to indulge in for breakfast when I was younger...