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Protein Farófias / Oeufs À La Neige

These Farófias do away with the sugar, egg yolks, corn starn and milk and they’re, as you may imagine, a lot higher in protein.


250mL coconut milk
vanilla essence
grated orange peel
24g powdered egg whites
1.3 scoops vanilla whey


1. On a big pot, I boiled some coconut milk (250ml) + bit of water with cinnamon (powdered because I ran out of sticks) + vanilla essence + grated orange peel.

2. I then beat 24g of powdered egg whites until they merigued all fierce and, when the milk began to boil, started throwing these in there to cook, one spoonful at a time.

3. While they were cooking, on a separate bowl in went 1.3 scoops of Vanilla whey and warm until it became ‘custardy.’ When the Farófiaswere ready, I began taking them out and putting them on a plate.

4. When they were all out, I topped it with the whey and some more cinnamon and voila! High protein Farófias!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

52.8g protein
12.9g carbs (1.8g fiber)
9.5g fat 

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