Love Island star Jack Fincham says lockdown coming to an end is to be celebrated, but hopes people can take lessons from whatever kept them going through lockdown.
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While some tried to stay active throughout the pandemic, with home or garden workouts, improving their eating habits or learning new skills – others have found themselves wishing they had done more, or simply not been able to. 
Speaking exclusively with The Protein Works, Fincham said he was in “the best place he’s been in a while”.
“I used to call people going for bike rides silly, but now I’m one of those people! I got myself a bike and now love going out for long bike rides. I started other things as well, trading and even learning to DJ, I’m 100% going to carry these things on and I just hope other people do as well.
Some people will have learned how to save or different ways to chat with people. But I just hope those people who found themselves bored maybe now thing I want to do, they’ll work out from home, if they did put a bit of weight on, I hope they can get active and feel good.
Jack will be guesting on the Just Do More podcast next week, alongside clips from former Liverpool striker Emile Heskey..
The Just Do More podcast is hosted by Tom Trotter and Chris Ridgway. Episode 1 is available now!

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