Navigating sports nutrition, Exercise guides and general health advice can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we are commited to present the latest and most accurate data out there.

You will find where possible we will provide citation and evidence to back up any point. Whilst we may condense down complex topics – we will retain the essence of the information so that those of all levels can learn and be educated.

Our Mission

To empower you in your health & fitness goals with a foundation of knowledge that serves you long into your life.

Our Content Creation Process

Here at The Protein Works – we and all those we work with are committed to upholding the highest of standards in our writing. We will inject some playful humour but this will be surrounded by authoritative and research-backed guidance and information.

Evidence-based content is essential and is the foundation of the content we deliver.

Editorial & Content Workflow

Our workflow is as follows:

  1. Research & topic ideation
  2. Written draft
  3. Expert review & notes
  4. Edits & amends
  5. Final Review & checks
  6. Publish

Then finally we will return to the content in a later step

7. Relevance and Fact Review

Our Experts & Review Process

On our author’s page, you will see all there is about out experts and writers. They’ve all got a distinct background in the content they produce.

Our References, Sources, and Citations

We follow a Harvard reference style where once we have approved a reference we will numerically reference it and collate at the bottom of an article.

Keeping With The Latest Science

Our team are always monitoring the latest studies and developments in the health and wellness space. As and when new information is available we will update or sunset any articles that don’t align with the latest scientific literature.

Our Tone Of Voice

Whilst we like to inject some TPW swagger into all our content. Keeping it light and accessible – we take our advice incredibly serious. Be it a TPW writer or an expert on a topic we have sourced. Our content will bridge the gap from the purely scientific to something digestible by the general public.

Open To Questioning

We want to hear from you at all times. Whether you’ve been helped by our content or disagree!

Any questions or queries just direct them to the comments section of any article we will review and get back to you. For anything else please contact us via our contact page