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Chocolate Orange Mini Protein Cakes With Almond Butter & Vanilla

Chocolate Orange Mini Protein Cakes With Almond Butter & Vanilla

The whole cake came out round and I cut it up into little squares. This was fine because I ended up with tiny square cakes which are fun to play around with but I should come clean and admit to the fact that I didn’t plan it this way. Fact is, I ate most of the cake plain, untiered, (relatively) boring. I really do wish I had kept the cake round and layered THAT.

It would have ended up more aesthetic and would have looked more like actual cake, with slices and the like. What happened here is that, after spending the day speed-walking through London for hours while trying to not get devoured by an endless herd of tourists et al, I came home exhausted, ridiculously hungry, opened the fridge and ate almost all the little squares of cake.

All save for two. I saw the last two square pieces and thought, “wait a second…” That’s when the game officially began. I cut the squares into quarters and fried them each in coconut oil. Layered the first ‘tier’ with almond butter, the second ‘tier’ with a vanilla whey ‘frosting’, and the last again with vanilla. AAA! WHAT A THING!!! Basically, the coconut oil made the ‘cake’ all crunchy and the almond and vanilla were absolutely delicious -> oooohh yaaa! ?


283ml liquid egg whites
14g hulled hemp seeds
10g coconut oil
56g hemp protein powder
10g cocoa
7g cocoa nibs (YES!)
7g orange flavored whey
8g brown rice protein powder
10g vanilla whey protein powder
40g greek yogurt
almond butter


1. Combine liquid egg whites, hulled hemp seeds, coconut oil, hemp protein powder, cocoa, cocoa nibs, orange flavored whey, and brown rice powder and mix.

2. Bake all of these together for cake.

3. Whip vanilla whey protein powder with greek yogurt for icing/filling.

Macros per serving (out of 1) w/o icing:

26g fat
16g carbs (6.3g sugars/13g fiber)
67g protein

Boom! ? C’est tout. I’m going to just give you the macros for the cake and you can decide whether you want to go ahead and add whatever inside it in case you do want to tier it up and go crazy with it (highly recommended). It will look fantastic if you keep it round but cut up squares are still quite something to write home about.

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