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Premium Protein Shakes

Protein shakes from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ are the very finest on the market today. We specialise in high quality, great tasting protein shakes in a wide variety of flavours and sizes. We innovate, formulate and manufacture in house premium grade protein shakes. We are passionate and committed to offering the highest quality and the widest range of protein shakes at exceptional value for money. Even more importantly, we ONLY use natural flavours and colours in all our protein shakes and DO NOT use any thickeners or fillers.

Our protein shakes range includes a wide variety of proteins. When it comes to the most popular whey protein powders, we have all bases covered. From the best-selling Whey Protein 80, a high quality whey protein shake made from concentrate to the ultra pure Whey Protein 90, a 90% protein content whey which is incredibly low in fat and carbohydrates. We also offer milk protein and egg protein formulas for slower nutrient release, while our non-dairy options include Soy Protein 90, Brown Rice Protein 80 and Pea Protein 80.

In order to maintain high quality protein shakes and give you the ultimate peace of mind, we give a 100% guarantee that we will never use thickeners or fillers in our shakes, as well as always using all natural colours and flavours. The use of natural ingredients is not only kinder to your body, but it also gives a more natural tasting protein drink. We provide independent Certificates of Analysis on each product, which offers independent verification of the quality of each batch of whey we produce.

On top of all this, unlike nearly all other protein supplement brands out there today, we are open and transparent about exactly which protein and how much protein is included in every single protein supplement. Simply click on the Protein Insight icon to find out more on each protein product page. With TPW™, not only is quality assured, but our prices are low to ensure you get incredible value for money every time.